Monthly Archives: March 2008

Edward Tufte: Presenting Data and Information

I had a chance to attend an Edward Tufte class this past week and it truly was a pleasure. He has published a number of beautiful books on presentation and the visualization of data. So, it was quite a treat to sit in on a presentation by someone that teaches about giving presentations for a living. The class was engaging, full of content, and certainly left me with a sense of excitement. the class One …

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Another Amazon EC2 Beowulf Cluster Joins The Grid

Have you ever been working with a dataset, started crunching some numbers and said to yourself, “damn, I should distribute this across the cluster,” only to realize that your cluster is already saturated with your last job and will be for the next day or two? If you answered yes, then we probably share the same data-craving/slicing/mining sickness.Well the above scenario happens to me and often enough for me to pose the question to others. …

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FogBugz: One Hot Ride

So, a few months ago I came across a video by Fog Creek demonstrating the latest version of their project management software FogBugz. Wow. It looked great and appeared to have many of the features I had been searching for across the project management software terrain. It was not until a couple of weeks ago that I actually set up a trial account. I signed up and began configuring FogBugz to manage a small project …

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