Monthly Archives: November 2008

Agile Scapegoating and People over Process

Last week James Shore posted an article The Decline and Fall of Agile that generated quite a bit of discussion. He points out many of atrocities and failures in software development and software project management done under guise of “Agile” or “Scrum” are often not true implementations. You have these teams who say they are doing Scrum, but the only things that actually get adopted are sprints and scrums. So many of these failed groups ignore the important and difficult aspects of …

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Protosprout : Promoting Entrepreneurship & Start-Up Culture in North Carolina

A couple of weeks ago I emerged from my development trance and decided to venture back out into the wilds of the Triangle entrepreneurial scene. The timing worked out so that I could trek out to Raleigh earlier this month to attend the inaugural Protosprout Community Program Meeting. Protosprout ( ) is a NC-based company founded by Justis Peters that is looking to bring local entrepreneurs together and foster an energized, start-up community. I …

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