I intend to use this blog to discuss software engineering, entrepreneurship, and everything in between.

I love my craft, from mucking around with new languages and APIs to exploring the processes and practices we use to build and deliver products. The entire nature of software engineering and how we define our professionalism are of interest to me, which I hope we can discuss.

The other major focus of this blog is entrepreneurship and its intersection with technology. I happen to live (and work) in North Carolina near Research Triangle Park (RTP). It’s no Silicon Valley, but it is a burgeoning technology center with a number of existing players. The area is filled to the brim with entrepreneurial spirit — something I have found quite exciting. I intend to discuss some of the goings-on and available resources in the RTP area.

So, that is the range of topics you might expect to see here with assorted geekery thrown in for good measure. Feedback and comments are always welcome and even requested.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy,