Recap of the Squirrel Hordes

I gave my PyCon talk this weekend–“Militarizing Your Backyard With Python: Computer Vision and the Squirrel Hordes.” I was not prepared for the number of people who caught me after the talk and throughout the conference telling me about their own battles. Thanks again for all the recommendations about how to improve my firepower, tracking, and classification accuracy.

Horde Scout (source:wikipedia)

As requested I’ve posted the presentation on SlideShare and here’s the final squirrel encounter video and the actual PyCon Presentation.

One great resource that was really helpful for getting ideas about sentry guns is Project Sentry Gun. There is Wiring and Processing code to get you started as well as a premade Arduino shield if you’re interested. The folks at Servocity were also very helpful in sizing servos for my project.

As time permits, I’ll post some additional articles detailing the various steps of my project that folks seem to be interested in.

Thanks all. Good luck and don’t get captured.

11 responses to “Recap of the Squirrel Hordes

  1. So awesome! Would love to see some screen captures of your debug screens for the detection and classification. What do the squirrels look like to the vision system.

  2. Kurt: please post the code to github! I know in your talk you said it was quick and dirty, but I don’t care. I want to learn from what you’ve done.

  3. What might work for you as a pressurized water cannon is one of the original SuperSoaker water guns.  Those suckers could be hooked up to a garden hose.

  4. As someone who has paid good money trying to fight against Great Blue Herons that eat the Koi in my backyard pond, this was something that really interested me. I have a “Scarecrow” motion sensor, sprinkler system that is hooked up to a garden hose.… It works somewhat, but it doesn’t discriminate. I would think it’d be easy to attach your detection system to the scarecrow. If you made something like that, I’d buy it immediately.

  5. Thanks for plugging python-on-a-chip in your presentation even though you didn’t use it.  If you ever do get around to using it, join our maillist and I’ll help as best as I can.

  6. Kurt I enjoyed a lot watching you presentation video, would be great if you posted your code on github.The presentation was quite inspirational!!  

  7. I have a bird problem on my balcony and would be interested in building this if the code and instructions were available. Any chance of posting those?

  8. Love it. I watched your presentation and echo the comment below on herons. Having just chased away two today I could really use one of these trained on a heron. The guy below with the scarecrow may have had the same problem as me by now. The hose leaked and ran up a nice water bill. V2 setup will be off the pressurised filter system so it is recirculating. Would love to build something that could understand what it was looking at. Sadly I have never learned to code.

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