Halloween 2017 Demon Gargoyle

The months leading up to Halloween usually involve working on some project to unleash on the neighborhood’s trick-or-treaters. This year’s creation was a demon imp gargoyle.

Overall I’m pretty happy with how the head turned out although the body could have definitely used more attention. This was also my first foray into the world of papier-mâché since elementary school.

I tried several attempts at free sculpting the head, which did not go so well. For my second approach, I decided to start with an anatomical skull base to build on top of. MakerBot published a human skull model on Thingiverse that I decided to use after scaling to an appropriate size.

3D Printed Skull by MakerBot

Once printed, I began building it up with papier-mâché and sculpting the facial features I was after.

The teeth, nails, and horns were crafted with polymer clay. The eyes I found from a taxidermy eye supplier.

The final product was well received by the local trick-or-treaters. I’m looking forward to pulling some more advanced papier-mâché techniques into my toolbox for future projects.

skull lightly built up with fangs and eyes
final head
Final Head